/Board of Student Development

Board of Student Development

Board of Student’s Development

The department is established under Board of Students’ Development (BSD) of Savitribai Phule Pune University. It looks after the protection of rights and supervises the Development and activities of the students of the college. It promotes and co-ordinates the different students’ activities for better corporate life. It also tries to nurture students’ mental, physical, cultural growth with various activities to improve their overall personality development and to make them civilized Indian citizens to compete in the globalized world.

Schemes under the department,

  • Karamaveer Bahurao Patil Earn While Learn Scheme :

This scheme is basically undertaken for the benefit of students coming from the rural areas, which are economically backward, intelligent and meritorious but cannot afford higher education, needy and financially hard pressed. It inculcates in the student the idea that no work is big or small and develops a work culture with the right aptitude. Under this scheme those students who are interested in joining are to fill the necessary application form, which is then scrutinized by an appropriate committee. The students enrolled under the scheme are given the following types of work namely-That increase their skills in areas of their study, office work, technical work and field work. However when the distribution of work is given it is seen that all students get equal opportunity to get all different kinds of work and that each student gets eighty percent of technical work and twenty percent of fieldwork. Office work includes working at the Library or any other office of the institute.


  • Mr. A.S. Kale -Student Development officer
  • Mrs. S.A. Adke – Vice principal (Arts)
  • Mr. V.B. Saidpatil – Vice principal (Commerce)
  • Mr. D.S. Shinde – Vice principal (Science)
  • Mr. J. M. Moon, Librarian

  • Special Guidance Scheme :

The basic objective of this scheme is

  • To help those students who are deprived of the latest knowledge of the subject they undertake at the first year level.
  • To inculcate the urge to educate one self, and that education liberates one internally as well as externally. Thirdly,
  • To offer guidance to students in their career choices and the relevant subjects to be pursued by them to attain their best potential.

The enrolment under this scheme is basically for students who are economically, financially backward and also to the reserved category students.


  • Dr. V.J. Medhane – Chairman
  • Kawale S.A. – Coordinator
  • A.S. Kale — SDO
  • P.D. Dhondge – Science faculty
  • S.K. Pagar —- Commerce faculty

  • Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan :This is a scheme introduced by the University in the college to develop the confidence and personality of a lady student who comes from the rural areas and are deprived sections of society. The main objective of this scheme is to develop a critical mind, self-confidence and a commitment to society. The lady students are given training in health, law, and social activities. They are also given training in self-employment and all possible other activities that enhance her social confidence. This scheme is open to all regular lady students from all the affiliated colleges / institutes. Funds for organizing these activities are provided by the University.


  • S.A. Adke – Chairman
  • A.S. Kale – SDO
  • U.Y. Gite
  • Savita Aher