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Alumni Association

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION  (माजी विद्यार्थी संघ)


Date of establishment: 25th April 2018

Roles, Responsibilities and contribution:

Alumni association of MVP Samaj’s Shrimati Vimlaben Khimji Tejookaya Arts, Science and Commerce College serves as a crucial link between the college students and the community at large. The association has been blessed with alums with a wide range of professional engagements from industry leaders and entrepreneurs to eminent university professors, artists, authors, social workers and many more. Alumni from such diverse walks of life have greatly enriched the dynamic learning culture as well as infrastructural facilities of the SVKT College. Online registration facility is made available for the alumini so that they can register themselves from any corner of the world and get associated with the college. The structured feedback is also collected through online process.

The association draws its vision and mission from the tireless and motivational work of Hon. Adv. Nitin B. Thakare,, Sarchitnis, MVP Samaj, Nashik in helping to receive support for fundraising efforts at various village and grass roots level meetings of the MVP Samaj. The association members have also been greatly inspired by Shrimati Vimlaben Khimji Tejookaya’s generous contribution and endowment of the land for the foundation and growth of the SVKT College. The periodical meetings of Alumni Association are being conducted on the college campus under the chairmanship the principal. The principal plays a very crucial role in putting for the expectations from the alumni association as far as the academic and infrastructural growth of the college is concerned.

The association regularly organizes guest lectures of prominent speakers from the Industry, Medicine and research and other walks of life in order to help and educate students on the latest developments in the world of science and technology and inspire them to contribute towards the same.

Association members also help in organizing and providing feedback to the college authorities regarding the college Placement Cell and campus interview to ensure that the SVKT students enjoy a competitive advantage and best exposure in their search for jobs. Alumni also play a vital role in helping to guide students for various competitive examinations and organize personality developments seminars from time to time. Dr. S. S. Kale, Principal, SVKT College has provided guidance on various educational tools and programs that can be utilized and implemented by the association in this regard.

Alumni views and suggestions on improvements in the college curriculum and administrative affairs have always been appreciated by the college authorities.

From the year of its establishment in 2018, the Alumni association has played a significant role in promoting social welfare, providing economical support and scholarships to socio-economically disadvantaged students and raising awareness on issues of women empowerment and safety.

The association has made substantial financial and other contributions to accelerate and expand the existing college building and library facilities and to help build common room well equipped with all necessary facilities and dedicated to the Female students of the college.

The association has also proved to be a positive force of change in the SVKT student life with its emphasis on Yoga and Meditation camps for students and awareness about the work-life balance and societal welfare through the NSS camps.


Dr. Jayashri Pandharinath Jadhav
Secretary Alumni Association

Registration Certificate [ Click Here ]

Sr. No. Name of the Member Designation
1 Shri. Khandu Mahadu Medhe President
2 Shri. Vaibhav Keshvarao Palde Vice- President
3 Dr. Jayashri Pandharinath Jadhav Secretary
4 Dr. Arun Baburao Sonawane Deputy- Secretary
5 Shri. Prashant Barku Kandekar Treasurer
6 Shri. Gajiram Shivram Muthal Deputy- Treasurer
7 Shri. Sanjay Madhukar Shinde Member
8 Smt. Ashwini Suresh Kadbhane Member
9 Shri. Jeevan Chandrakant Gaikwad Member
10 Shri. Prashant Ramesh Dhivande Member


Dr. Jayashri Pandharinath Jadhav                                    Shri. Khandu Mahadu Medhe
Secretary                                                                                       President

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