/Grants Received

Grants Received


Name of the Project/ Endowments, Chairs

Name of the Principal Investigator/Co-investigator Department of Principal Investigator Year of Award Amount Sanctioned Duration of the project Name of the Funding Agency

Type  (Government/non-Government)

Synthesis and evaluation of biological activities of novel Pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridine Dr. K. R. Labhade Chemistry 2015 1.65 730 Days BCUD, SPPU Pune Government
A study of level of Job satisfaction of employees in shoping malls and it’s impact with reference to Nashik District. Dr. U. Y. Gite Commerce 2015 1 730 Days BCUD, SPPU Pune Government
Micro grant for implementation of projects under the Foldscope scheme Mr. A.S. Kale Microbiology 2018 8 730 Days DST/ DBT Government
Role of Public Distribution System in Poverty Elimination Dr. M. K. Aher Economics 2019 2 730 Days BOD, SPPU Pune Government



Sr. No. Name of the Conference/seminar /workshop Department Grant


Year of Sanction
1 Recent Trends and innovative ideas in growth of Commerce and Economics Commerce and Economics 90,000 2015-16
2 Current Trends in Academic Librarianship Library 60,000 2015-16
3 Causes and Remedies of Agricultural Products, Price Stabilisation in India Economics 60,000 2016-17
4 Conservation of Environment for Human Sustenance Botany 2,00,000 2016-17
5 Goods and Service tax (GST) the consumer issues and Challenges in Commerce and Economics (Two days National Seminar) Commerce and Economics 2,00,000 2017-18
6 Conservation of Environment by Waste Management (Two days state level Seminar) Chemistry 1,00,000 2017-18
7 Political and social Movements in India Political Science 60,000 2017-18
8 Recent Trends in Economic and commerce Commerce and Economics 2,00,000 2018-19
9 Prospectus of Agrotourism in Nashik District Geography 1,00,000 2018-19