The Central Library of  MVP’s  S.V.K.T. College was established with its inception in 1984. Since then the library is engaged in giving the information services to patrons pinpointedly, expeditiously and exhaustively. It is concurrently working with objectives of the College i.e.

Giving best to the students as much as you can and develop a well educated, skillful, knowledgeable generation”.


The total built up area of library is 3799.59 sq.m. consisting of a spacious  stacking section for text books, reference books,  periodicals and CD/DVD’s with book issuing counters , Network Resource center with N-computing and reference section. Adjacent to the library their is Student and Staff Reading Room.

The library is enriched with a huge collection of reference books, text books, Braille Books, CD/DVD’s, periodicals and journals. In the library, books are arranged on the shelves subject -wise using ‘Dewey Decimal Classification System.

It is committed to fulfill its mission by acquiring the requisite information and documents to cater the needs of its borrowers to help them in achieving excellence in teaching and learning. Library is committed to five laws of library science formulated by father of library science in India, Dr. S. R. Ranganathan.
1. Books are for use.
2. Every reader his/ her book.
3. Every book its reader.
4. Save the time of reader.
5. Library is a growing organism.


Library Layout

Library Layout
Library Layout