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Career Guidance Cell

Career Guidance Cell

The prime objective of the education is overall development of the pupil. Career guidance is the process of helping individuals in making adequate educational and occupational choices and in taking career decisions based on the demand and requirements of the future of work.

Career Guidance Cell functions in our college with the objective to provide learning opportunities in the areas of academics, career and personal/social development to prepare pupil to meet their future challenges, supporting the students in identifying their interests, strengths and planning appropriately to justify their professional needs.


The Career Guidance Cell has been catering to the needs of students with the following objectives:

  • To create awareness about career and about the importance of higher studies.
  • To make awareness of different competitive examinations, SET, NET etc.
  • To help students share knowledge about themselves by identifying skills, and interests.
  • To sign MoU with different industries/Labs by various department for industrial /practical training.
  • To promote career guidance &counselling through lectures at department level.
  • To organize lectures on interview skills, personality development, communication skills, leadership skills, resume writing, analytical skills, quantitative ability, verbal and reasoning skills essential to all competitive exams through soft skill development program.

Career Guidance Committee Academic year 2020-21

Name Designation
Dr. S. S. KALE Principal
Smt. N. M. Morade Chairman
Smt. V.E. Sonwane Member
Miss. S. V. Shrimali Member
Smt. S. D. Aher Member