/E-Content of Physics

E-Content of Physics

Teacher Name  Topic Lecture Hyperlink
Shobha Mengane Study of Transistor https://youtu.be/ZajZN3Dg9cU
Shobha Mengane BJT https://youtu.be/o-7XjXRbZ7o
Shobha Mengane Operational Amplifier https://youtu.be/NZkbgY9J4gE
Mangesh Jamdhade Bohr’s Atomic Model https://youtu.be/E6wZK4A40_U
Mangesh Jamdhade Origin of Spectral Lines https://youtu.be/U57hWJWWxWU
Mangesh Jamdhade Quantum Numbers https://youtu.be/IQ8M-InJ7XI
Mangesh Jamdhade Spectral Notations https://youtu.be/7GAVKPq7100
Mangesh Jamdhade  Spin Orbit Interaction https://youtu.be/fYYlrpjf7XE
Kiran Mojad Introduction of ‘C’ Programing https://youtu.be/8GA6riu4zek
Kiran Mojad Motion https://youtu.be/FSp0J336Jqc
Kiran Mojad Displacement and Velocity https://youtu.be/5Kk0bzlvZQs
Kiran Mojad Complex Number https://youtu.be/2vDxULgElbU
Kiran Mojad Complex Number https://youtu.be/Y1g4u4wyiTA
Sonali Sirsath Defects in Solid https://youtu.be/2IGy4uapauU 
Sonali Sirsat Single Phase Alloy https://youtu.be/ZiztGjObDuY
Sonali Sirsat Lasers and its Applications https://youtu.be/LKc6NfqWuC8
Sonali Sirsat Applications of Lasers https://youtu.be/6mI777Kh4kk
Sonali Sirsat Microwave Oven & Radar https://youtu.be/4fQ9UkMJSak
Sonali Sirsat Microwave oven & Radar https://youtu.be/FYU6s_5Fm0w
Sonali Sirsat Expression of Electric intensity https://youtu.be/b1qVMKO7Ii0
Sonali Sirsat Gauss’e Laws in Electristatics https://youtu.be/6WID708Hd6M