/E-Content of Political Science

E-Content of Political Science

 Teacher Name  Topic Lecture Hyperlink
Satish Kawale Aristotale https://youtu.be/FsZNi36eMXo
Satish Kawale Western Political Thoughts https://youtu.be/dEpkspgFxCo
Satish Kawale Aristotale: Theory of Revolution https://youtu.be/VGZLSX7K0cQ
Satish Kawale Human Nature https://youtu.be/vj2RbETFk-U
Satish Kawale Views on State https://youtu.be/eXnm5uz3bVU
Satish Kawale Advice to King https://youtu.be/5yKiO1-JET4
Satish Kawale Western Political Thoughts https://youtu.be/UoAV9eT0ak4
Satish Kawale John Lock https://youtu.be/B0owFWvT4qQ
Satish Kawale John Locke 2 https://youtu.be/AUYhhUso5pc
Satish Kawale John Locke 3 https://youtu.be/qvxJNVGqRGs
Satish Kawale Introduction to International  Relation https://youtu.be/ZZhUCwVpYac
Satish Kawale Recap : Constitution of Indian Part-1 https://youtu.be/KzIJRhXRQec
Satish Kawale Constitution of Indian Part-2: Objectives https://youtu.be/OMpasCqEgYA
Nitin Jadhav Features of Indian Constitution Part 1 https://youtu.be/9TsAhbiAGPI
Nitin Jadhav Features of Indian Constitution Part 2 https://youtu.be/LwY3CJceSjQ
Nitin Jadhav Preamble https://youtu.be/sd2qyZPY51E
Nitin Jadhav Constitution Assembly https://youtu.be/9_-6ZUzwzYE
Nitin Jadhav Making- Indian Constitution https://youtu.be/fApPABNnvxU
Nitin Jadhav Fundamental rights Part 1 https://youtu.be/URl8ynYYdps
Nitin Jadhav Fundamental rights Part 2 https://youtu.be/8U0OS0Ldsvk
Nitin Jadhav DPSP https://youtu.be/7rqFSm1tsyA
Nitin Jadhav Features of Indian Federalism https://youtu.be/UO9i_QMO3Pc
Sameer Pande Democracy https://youtu.be/ckkWiRmEEpc
Sameer Pande Democracy https://youtu.be/qOzwgTfQC-I
Sameer Pande Democracy, Election and Governance https://youtu.be/1uHDZC94yos
Sameer Pande Election https://youtu.be/_k5cW-pX7d4
Sameer Pande Election https://youtu.be/QbauJy-yDTs
Sameer Pande Election https://youtu.be/NPCIoExGW9w