/E-Content of Psychology

E-Content of Psychology

Proff. Name Department  Topic Lecture Link Hyperlink
Shraddha Raravikar Psychology Brief History & Perspectives of Psychology https://youtu.be/wWcY6grg_H4 Brief History & Perspectives of Psychology
Shraddha Raravikar Psychology Defination of Psychology https://youtu.be/CJ-SIGLkgZg Defination of Psychology
Shraddha Raravikar Psychology Psychology in India Past & Present https://youtu.be/AKIPFYlsuY4 Psychology in India Past & Present
Shraddha Raravikar Psychology Research Methods in Psychology https://youtu.be/9pyaF8zmehA Research Methods in Psychology
Shraddha Raravikar Psychology Foundation of Psychology https://youtu.be/i4Dfp0NJ7Gc Foundation of Psychology
Shraddha Raravikar Psychology Perception https://youtu.be/rcYQN-luC30 Perception
Shraddha Raravikar Psychology Intelligence https://youtu.be/eHzxZy3O9U4 Intelligence
Shraddha Raravikar Psychology Dirghkalin Aajar   Dirghkalin Aajar
Shraddha Raravikar Psychology Psychological Testing Psychological Testing
Shraddha Raravikar Psychology Categories of Psychological Tests Categories of Psychological Tests
Priyanka Kamankar Psychology Early childhood https://youtu.be/Oj4cdhzpH6c Early childhood
Nalini Bagul Psychology Mood Disorder https://youtu.be/XV90rwsppL8 Mood Disorder
Nalini Bagul Psychology Schizophrenia https://youtu.be/lw_BPaIpV2o Schizophrenia
Nalini Bagul Psychology Branches of Psychology https://youtu.be/wlSn0Lm0JJA Branches of Psychology
Nalini Bagul Psychology Motivation Cycle & Types https://youtu.be/SK-eN1rl1T4 Motivation Cycle & Types
Nalini Bagul Psychology Introduction of Abnormal Psychology https://youtu.be/l68Gf-RmkSA Introduction of Abnormal Psychology
Nalini Bagul Psychology Congritive Process https://youtu.be/xo2gz_OiQuw Congritive Process