///SWOC Analysis

SWOC Analysis


  • Consistent improvement in student’s performance in the University Exams.
  • Rich library facility with internet/Wi-Fi.
  • Personal counseling solving and skill development of students.
  • Cosmopolitan student from different state of India
  • Because of Army surrounding we have an opportunity to meet and listen to varieties of Hindi Language .
  • Hence it in strength and scope for special Hindi subject


  • Lack of space to do research and other activities
  • Non availability of UG courses.


  • Developed writing skill ,conversational skill and developed linguistic behavior
  • Hindi subject offered good opportunities to prepare for UPSC, & other competitive and Entrance examination.
  • Better understanding of general, Cultural and environment.


  • Dealing rural and cosmopolitan student in one class
  • Creating awareness about the digital learning.


Future Plans
  • To organize Seminar
  • To start UG Course