//Physical Education Best Practices

Physical Education Best Practices


  • The Department has provided outdoor and indoor facilities to the other stakeholders.
  • The counselling lectures have been arreanged to increase the student’s participation in the sports.
  • The Department has organised the lectures on the importance of Diet and health.
  • The MVP, institute organises open state level Marathon, Keeping the motto “Run for health and build the nation”, the faculty of the department has been working as a member on the organizing committee
  • The students of the college have participated in the various competitions organised by the institutions like Samaj Din, MVP Marathon, Ashwamedh, Krida Mohastav competition etc.
Best Practices

Blood Donation Camps in collaboration with Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical College and Research Centre


  1. To create awarness and motivate the students about blood donation .
  2. To foster the sense of unity of all human beings and that anybody’s blood can be given to anybody provided the bloodgroups and RH factors among the students.
  3. To create a feeling about a sense of accomplishment of a social resposibiltiy.

The Practice:

Blood is a human life and a precious resource. Blood  cannot be manufactured by artificial means.To save somebody’s life somebody has to donate the blood. There are cases when people need the blood immediate and are unable to find the exact blood group. Through the blood donation camps students are motivated to donate the blood voluntarily without expecting anything in return.The students are made aware that anyone can donate the blood and it is only the blood that shows us that we all are one. Blood saves  someone’s life , no matter what the blood recepient’s religion or caste is. The intention of organising the blood donation camp is to convey the message to the society as many people are not aware of the blood donation as a social responsibility. Through the donation camp students blood groups and Hemoglobin percantage is checked .The blood bank also issues the cards and the certificate to the donars. Blood donars are often given priority in case of emegency or accident .Blood donation camps are held with the collaboration with Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical College and Research Centre.

Evidence of Success:

Every year the Blood Donation camp is organised and around 50 to 60 units of blood are collected and donated to blood Bank by the teaching , non-teaching , players , NSS Volunteers and NCC Cadets. Every year more students participate in the camp. The students have assured to be a regular blood donar.


Problems Encountered and Resources Required

  1. Most of the Students are from rural areas so they have myths and misconceptions about blood donation and so they are hesitant.
  2. Most of the girl students are not eligible because of low HB and underweight.
  3. The fear of pain and weakness after the blood donation.