///Psychology Best Practices

Psychology Best Practices

Department of Psychology-Best Practice- (Counselling)


  • To look after students’ wellbeing
  • To enhance students’ academic performance
  1. The Context-

With the noble intent to look after students’ issues and thereby enhance their academic performance, the college actively runs a counseling cell. The faculties of Department of Psychology counsel students for the academic, personal and family issues. In the beginning of every academic year, counseling cell releases a notice informing about the cell and appeals students to visit cell for personal and academic concerns.

  1. The Practice-

The department of Psychology circulates notice regarding the functioning of Counseling Cell in the beginning of every academic year. The students visit cell on their own or on the referral of other teachers. The teacher of Psychology obtains thorough information of students’ issues, family background and related information to prepare detail case report. Psychological tests are conducted if necessary. Parents are asked to visit the cell if required. The concerned teacher keeps the information confidential as confidentiality is the basic norm of counseling. All these services are unrestricted and free.

  1. Evidence of Success-

Total 36Students visited Counseling Cell for personal counseling. The issues were either resolved or students were referred to further counseling. Year wise details are given below.

Sr. No. Year No. of students visiting cell
1 2015-16 04
2 2016-17 04
3 2017-18 06
4 2018-19 07
5 2019-20 09
6 2020-21 06
  1. Problems Encountered and Resources Required-

Some students or their parents show reluctance to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist for further treatment. An in-house fulltime  psychologist can do more help in this regard.