//History Profile

History Profile

Name of the Department: History

Year of Establishment: 1984

Programs Offered: B.A.

Pattern of Teaching Learning and Evaluation: 

Annual Semester Credit System
T.Y.B.A. F.Y.BA. / S.Y.B.A.


About the Department

     History is an inspirable part of human life. History Department is one of the best departments in our college. History subject was taught in our college since from the foundation of the college in 1984. History was started as a special level for graduation from 1985.From the beginning History department has been motivating its students to study in innovative and different ways.

Vision of the Department 

“ History as identity of self”.


Mission Statement of the Department

 “Quality Education with Moral Values and National Integrity”.

  • Promote studies in history, society and culture of Maharashtra in general and Maratha history in particular
  • Empower students to cope with the challenges of globalization by instilling in them a life-long passion for learning about the past. The knowledge about the interconnections between the global, national, regional and local history will equip the students to face the challenges with confidence.


  • Basic understanding of History subject and improve the knowledge of History.
  • Applying various historical methods and theories in local history.
  • Pursue research in history for better understanding.
  • Applying the innovative study techniques in the study of history, to make it value based and thought provocative.
  • To increase the interest among students for local history.