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History Best Practices

  • Modi Script Course
Title of the Best Practice: Modi Script Crash Course
  • Goals:
  • To generate interest in Modi Script
  • To create job opportunities
  • Conservation of Modi Script
  • To enable the learner to peep into log past documents

The Context:

            Modi was one of the most important script of medieval Maharashtra. Earlier  in Maharashtra documents regarding land revenue , judicial, Justice, Donation of land ( Dan-patra) ,Religious matters, property matter , Jahangir, watan, Farman etc.  were written in Modi. Research of these medieval documents is not possible without having proper knowledge of Modi script. Department of history has been conducting classes on Modi Script since 2017

The Practice:

Every year the Modi Script course is organised. Around 35 students are enrolled in this course. Mr.Kailas Tambe is an authorised Modi Script Teacher. Principal Dr. Vijay Medhane always encourages the History Department to conduct such programmes successfully.

Evidence of Success:

  1. Student learned & interpret Modi Script for Research purpose
  2. Student able to understand the introduction of Modi Script, emergence and its use in history.
  3. They learn the importance of Modi Script in Maratha history.
  4. They developed the skill in interpreting Modi documents.
  5. This course is open to all people of all age and professions could get benefit.