///Commerce Best Practices

Commerce Best Practices

Department of Commerce

Best Practice

  1. Title: Train the Trainers

Alumni of commerce Department nurtures Faculty students in different phases of Commerce and Management

  1. Goal:
  1. To enhance practical knowledge in the area of commerce and Management.
  2. To share professional experience to the students by the prominent Alumni.
  3. To make aware the students regarding the opportunities in Commerce.
  4. To develop the technological competency required in digital world.
  5. To motivate the students for acquiring global knowledge in the field of e- commerce and Fintech Technology.
  6. The context:

Commerce is known as the most glorious filed. It is also one of the saying that nothing works without Commerce. Knowledge of Commerce is required in almost every field. Due to globalisation different nations of the world came closer with the intension of development in trade and commerce. This has increased challenges to understand financial policies, its implications and its impact on the economy. This requires the in depth and practical knowledge in the area of Management, Business Law, Banking, Administration, Finance, Accounting, Marketing and many more. With that objective the expert alumni of the department working in these fields are being invited to the college to share their practical knowledge of their respective area.

  1. The Practice:

The practice of train the trainers has been introduced by the department since last five years. The alumni of the department works in various private and public sectors. These alumni who is expertise in the various fields came to the college to guide the students. These alumni guided the students on various topics like the session given by Mr. Kiran Hagwane on Traffic rules informed the students about various traffic rules that should be followed by everyone. Another session conducted by Mr. Abhijit Gadekar on personality development where in students benefited with the techniques to improve personality which helped them while working in professional places. Mr. Sagar Gawande taken the lecture on office management and stated the ways for the efficient management of office work to the prospective office managers. A lecture on Communication skills conducted by Ms. Rohini Kushare who has given insights about need of effective Communication skills and also stated the ways to improve communication. Another alumni of the department Ms. Seema Handore has conducted the lecture on how to crack MBA entrance examination. The session on Interview techniques was conducted by Ms. Komal Fadol therein she told the tact’s for facing and clearing the interview in the easiest way. As a commerce students they must be aware about Investment opportunities and future investment avenues.  So in the view of that Mr. Deepak Ghegadmal has taught the students regarding various investment options and how to handle investment portfolio. In Another lecture Ms. Bhavna Vatare guided the students on importance of C.A. entrance exam and also suggested the techniques to crack the C.A. entrance exam.

In other lecture delivered by Mr. Vaibhav Palde stated the office management skills required for office manager. As well as in another lecture Mr.  Deepak Ghegdmal guided about on psychology of investor.

  1. Evidence of Success:
  2. The students have got practical knowledge about communication skills and it also helped them to develop personality.
  3. The students got information regarding how to tackle CA entrance exam & MBA entrance Examination.
  4. The student was benefited by gaining information about different investment opportunities available to them.
  5. Through this practice the students now able to face Interviews of different industries.
  1. Problems Encountered and Resources Required:
  1. Students are facing the problem of communication in English.
  2. Students are facing the problem of digital connectivity.
  3. Up gradation in technology is required.