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Commerce Research Publications



Title of the Paper Name of The Journal Volume and Page. ISSN /ISBN Impact Factor

Dr. S. L. Bhoj


1 Stress Management-Need of Age Pursuit Vol.III,Issue-II




2 Goods & Service Tax (GST)-

Advantages & Disadvantages

International Multilingual Research Journal Special Issue



2394-5303 4.002
3 Shiv-era administration system & thoughts of modern management experts on Management systems. Research Journey Multidisplinary International E-

Research Journal

Special Issue-XXVI

151- 159




4 Corporate Social Responsibility Vidyawarta -Peer Reviewed International UGC Refereed Journal Special Issue





Dr. L. D. Jadhav


1 Rural Development adopting village by NSS The role of national service scheme for effective implementation of prime minister schemes for rural area
2 Managerial Layers and stress Management Pursuit Vol.III,Issue-II





Mr. S. E. Kardak


1 ग्रामीण भागातील अल्प भूधारक शेतकऱ्यांच्या समस्या आणि उपाययोजना.  


Vol. IX, Issue-I 2277-  5730 6.399

Dr. Ms. U. Y. Gite


1 A Study of Employee Satisfaction and Its  Impact on

Employee Performance.

“IRJCBSS” International Research Journal of Commerce Business &

Social Sciences

Vol.I, Issue 12 (II) March 2013 2277-9310, Dt.20 & 21 Feb.


2 Motivational theories of Job

Satisfaction and their Limitations

Vision Research National Research Journal Feb.2014 2250-2025 Dt.7 & 8 Feb.


3 The Role of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in regulating the Indian Capital Market. State Level Conference : VCACS-SC 2014 978-93-5158-173-4 Dt.22 & 23 Dec.


4 Strategies for marketing of Innovative Products Pursuit, International multi Disciplinary Research Journal Pursuit : Vol.I, Issue III, January 2015 2394-2649, Dt.8 & 9 Jan.


5 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Industrial Development in India Proceeding of National Level Conference 978-81-924177-7-6 Dt.16 & 17 Jan.


6 Customer Relationship Management in Shopping Malls (With Reference to Big Bazar) International Research Journal of Commerce, Management & Social Science Vol.I

Issue Vth



7 Critical Factors of Employee Job Satisfaction : An Empirical Study of Shopping Malls.


Global Economic Research RNI MAHMUL 02935/2011, Vol.II, Issue VIII, Oct.2014 2249-4081 Dt.30 & 31 Jan.


8 Functioning of Shopping Malls in North Maharashtra


Pursuit, A Half Yearly International Multi Disciplinary Peer Reviewed Research Journal Pursuit  Vol.II, Issue II, July 2015 2394-2649, (Half Yearly) July 2015
9 Behavioural Model of Human Resource Management in Shopping Mall Pursuit,Special Issue Pursuit
Vol.II, Issue III
January 2016
2394-2649 (Half Yearly) January 2016
10 Comparison of Goods & Service Tax and value added tax National S.V.K.T. Arts, Science & Commerce College, Deolali Camp. International Multilingual Research Journal Impact Factor 4.002 ISSN No. 2394-5303 Decembe r 29-30th 2017
11 Recruitment and Selection Strategies                   of Public                 Sector undertakings National S.V.K.T. Arts, Science & Commerce College, Deolali Camp. Peer Reviewed International Referred research Journal. Impact

Factor 5.234

ISSN No. 2319-9318 January 9-10th 2019
12 National Education Policy 2020       :      Few

Initiatives           in Higher Education in India

National S.V.K.T. Arts, Science & Commerce College, Deolali Camp. An International Multidisciplinary Half Yearly Research Journal

Impact Factor


ISSN No. 2279-0489 February 13th-14th 2023

Ms. R. V. Jadhav


1 Marketing Research Marketing Research 176-178 2319-9318 5.234
2 Need of GST GST the consumer issues

and challenges in

Commerce & Eco.

133-136 2394-5303
3 Impact of Brexit on Indian economy Brexit Opportunities and Challenges

Ms. Y. S. Jadhav


1 क्रूषी विपणाची धोरणे व आव्हाने Recent trends in economics and commerce 41012 2319-9318


2 Sectorial Implication of demonetisation Agricultural, Industry, Services, SSC etc. Effect of  Demonetisation on Indian Economy 138 2348-7143

Ms. S. V. Shrimali


1 The study of branding with
specific reference to
industrial market
Journal of
Vol- I
Issue -12(V)
Pg. No. 30 -32
2 Establishing Positive
company image through
social responsibility
Business Ethics
and Moral
189-191 978-93-


Research Projects
Sr. No Name of the Teacher Major/Minor Funding




01  Dr. Urmila Yogesh Gite      Minor        BCUD       100000/- Completed


Books Publications

Sr. No. Name of Teacher Title of the Book/ Chapters published Year of publication ISSBN/ISSN No. Name of publisher
1 Dr.Urmila Y. Gite Marketing and Salesmanship F.Y.B.Com (English) 2020 ISBN 978-93-85000-00-0 Prashant Publication, Jalgaon
2. Dr.Urmila Y. Gite Marketing and Salesmanship F.Y.B.Com (Marathi) 2020 ISBN 978-93-89492-66-8 Prashant Publication, Jalgaon
3 Dr. Urmila Y.Gite Business Administration (S.Y.B.Com) (Marathi) 2020 ISBN 978-81-948015-1-1 Prashant Publication, Jalgaon
4. Dr.Urmila Y. Gite Marketing Management I & II S.Y.B.Com 2020 ISBN 978-81-948015-4-2 Prashant Publication, Jalgaon
5 Dr.Urmila Y. Gite Marketing Management II (T.Y.B.Com) Marathi 2020 ISBN 978-93-91391-88-1 Prashant Publication, Jalgaon
6 Dr.Urmila Y. Gite Marketing Management II (T.Y.B.Com) English 2020 ISBN 978-93-91391-18-8 Prashant Publication, Jalgaon
7 Dr. Urmila Y. Gite Marketing Management III (T.Y.B.Com) English 2020 ISBN 978-93-91391-26-3 Prashant Publication, Jalgaon