///Botany Best Practices

Botany Best Practices

Best Practice I : Cultivation processes of Azolla as a Biofertilizer and fodder

Goal :

  • To cultivate prepare pure culture of Azolla
  • To disseminate the information to local famers and students
  • Boost use of Biofertilizers and bio feed
  1. The Context:

Our college is situated in semi urban area. Most of the students are from farmer house and agricultural background. Aware farmers and such students with an use of Azolla as a Biofertilizer and bio feed. Azolla is a protein reach pteridophyte and very useful as a biofertilizer and feed for domestic stocks. Its practices help to reduce use of chemical fertilizer and pollution.

The Practice:

  • Azolla an aquatic pteridophyte. Grows naturally in river water.
  • Cultivation tank of 8x5x1 is fitted in garden.
  • Soil, cow dung and phosphate is mix in cultivate tank.
  • Pure culture of Azolla is spread over the surface of water.
  • After month crop is ready. It is harvested and dried and disseminated to Farmers.

Evidence of Success: Local farmers and students are given demonstration of cultivation. Pure culture is disseminated to them to practice  them  on their farm. Framers like and prefer this biofertilizer.

Best Practice II:

Use of Digital Herbarium


  • To make aware the students with digital herbarium technology
  • To establish and strengthening  digital herbarium  of Department
  • To prepare digital data bases of plants.
  1. The Context:

The old traditional method is seen replaced by digital techniques by using digital technology. It is eco-friendly only soft copies are collected from different locality. Student subject interest  because of digital technology is increases.

The Practice:

The good snaps of wild plants from different locality are taken. Plant information’s regarding uses are collected and presented accompanied with digital herbarium.

Evidence of Success:  Our dept. having more than 100 species of digital herbarium. Most of the wild, rare and little known plants are made available to students observation by using digital technology. Students of S. Y. and T. Y. B. Sc are get benefitted.

Extension Activity : Plants seedling-raising and distribution.