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Physics Best Practices

  • Best Practices of the Department

Title of the practice:-Non-Conventional  Energy

Goals:- To know about different forms of energy.

  • To know about importance of solar energy and other non conventional sorcue of energy.
  • To save energy by using CFL, LED lamps, solar lamps & Solar Cooker.

The context:-

Since S. V. K. T. College is situated in the semi-rural area, majority of students come of villages.  In this area there is problem of electricity (Power cut).  Students and villagers don’t know about non conventional source of energy and how to save energy.  Therefore department of Physics has run ‘Save Energy’ Campaign

The Practice:-

Department run save energy campaign on 9th Jan 2018 at different native places of T. Y. B. Sc. Students such as Bhagur, LahavitPorf. Smt. S. M. Mengane and K. B. Mojad deliver at Lectures on Introduction of Physics and Physics in day to day life and importance solar energy to student of Janta Vidyalay Lahavit on 13 Dec 2018. 1st January 2020 Department organized ‘Energy Exhibition’ in NSS camo of S.V.K.T. College at Janta Vidylay Lahavit students and staff of school visited the exhibition.

Honourable Sarchitnis (Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj’s) Smt. Nilimatai Pawer visited the exhibition and appreciated the efforts of T. Y. B. Sc..students and staff.


We have appreciation letters from Janta Vidyalay Lahavit and Visited personalities.