///Maths E-content Development

Maths E-content Development

                                             Sr. No. NAME OF THE TEACHER TOPIC CLASS LINK
1. Mr.P.K.Nehe Sequence of real numbers F.Y.B.Sc. https://youtu.be/NONAT7mdcPE
Graph Theory S.Y.B.Sc. https://youtu.be/3TZcMLRZizU


Smt. N.M.Morade Limit using Polar coordinates SYBSc https://youtu.be/5cmG1oup2Xc
How to enroll for swayam courses General https://youtu.be/uP7UkBcszvA
Plane section of Sphere FYBSc https://youtu.be/Poz0AWP41gk
Sphere FYBSc https://youtu.be/IPUOlt2fA5o
Tips for mental health https://youtu.be/xwZLJanPeKM
Submission of Assignments on Google Classroom General https://youtu.be/OqguHCMC4-M
Plane FYBSc https://youtu.be/TVeuH1edIPI
Extreme Values I SYBSc https://youtu.be/d57Wevx9zcY
Extreme Values  II SYBSc https://youtu.be/XFMKc5JaEWc
N. M. Morade (Recording in-house SVKT college)
  Double Integral using Polar Co-ordinates SYBSc https://youtu.be/-TJJ3fa8WZM
  Double Integrals Over General Region SYBSc https://youtu.be/q2Tm_7F0R4U
  Double Integrals Over Rectangles SYBSc https://youtu.be/LjsR6bTFoXk
  Range & S.D FYBCom https://youtu.be/Q-NV7golTIg
  Median FYBCom https://youtu.be/JPRKegOc0lk
  Products and Power in Exponential Form FYBSc https://youtu.be/SIOXFnjFP3Q
  Exponential Form of Complex number FYBSc https://youtu.be/MrS2dThOjdU
  Congruence & its Basic Properties FYBSc https://youtu.be/_PERMCKz-vo
  Changing Variables in Double Integral SYBSc https://youtu.be/FvcdpQZTJzs
  Non-Existence of Limit SYBSc https://youtu.be/8zSop0l4T0c