///Microbiology Faculty Profile

Microbiology Faculty Profile

Number of teaching posts
Sanctioned Filled
Teaching Posts (Aided) 04 3*
Non – Aided 02 (CHB)

[*Out of Total filled post: 01 Associate Professor and 02 Assistant Professor]


Faculty profile with name, qualification, designation, specialization
Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation Specialization No. of Years of


1 Mr. S.R.Pharande Msc. LLB., MSc

( Sub.


Associate Prof. Microbiology 37
2 Mr. A.S. Kale Msc.Mphil. Assistant Prof.. Microbiology 27
3 Smt. V.E.Sonawane M.Sc. SET Assistant Prof Microbiology 05
4 Miss. P.S.Rayate MSc. SET Assistant Prof Microbiology 12
5 Ms. Ashwini Kadbhane MSc. Assistant Prof Microbiology 02

Percentage of lectures delivered and practical classes handled (Program Wise) by temporary faculty (2020-21)

Program Total workload of department Total workload of permanent faculty Remaining work delivered by Temporary faculty
B.Sc. 101 58


Number of academic support staff (technical) and administrative staff; sanctioned and filled
Number of Support Staff (Lab Assistant and Lab Attendant)
Sanctioned Filled
Lab Assistants 01 01
Lab Attendants 01 01


Awards / Recognitions received by faculty 
Name of the Faculty/ Student Award/ Recognition Year
Mr. S.R.Pharande Member of Environment Impact Assessment and Ministry of Environment, Delhi 2017-18
Mr.A.S.Kale Nation Builder Award  (Rotary Club Nashik Cosmopolitan) 2020-21


Participation of Staff in Administrative committees of the college

Sr. No Name Committee
1 Mr. A.S.Kale Ø  IQAC (Coordinator)



Ø  Purchase


Ø  Admission

Ø  Affiliation

Ø  Class Teacher / Mentor ( T.Y.Bsc)

2 Smt. V.E. Sonawane Ø  Admission and roll call

Ø  Time table

Ø  B.Voc / Community College

Ø  Examination

Ø  Discipline

Ø   Career Guidance

Ø  Women Welfare

Ø   Sexual harassment Prevention and prohibition cell

Ø  Class Teacher/ Mentor ( S.Y.Bsc)

Ø   Criterion -II

Miss. Rayate P.S. Ø  Admission and Roll call (S.Y.Bsc)

Ø   Academic Linkage and Collaboration

Ø  Science association

Ø  Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan

Ø  Environmental awareness program

3 Mrs. Kadbhane A. S. Ø  Student Development cell

Ø  Nirbhaya Kanya Abhiyan