///Microbiology Research Publications

Microbiology Research Publications

Number of faculty with ongoing projects

From a) National b) International funding agencies and grants received:
[ Departmental projects funded by DST – FIST; UGC, DBT, ICSSR, etc. & total grants received]

Name of the faculty Title of Project Name of Funding Agency Grant Received (Rs) Status (Minor/ Major) Status
Mr.A.S.Kale Isolation of MRS from touch screen gadgets DBT 6000000 Minor Completed


Name of the Faculty Research Papers Total Publication
Dr. A. S. KALE 03 03
 V. E. SONWANE 03 03
P. S. RAYATE 11 01 12
B. A. KHAIRNAR 02 02
R. S. DASHPUTE 03 03
Total 22 01 23

Areas of consultancy and income generated:

  • Remunerative: Nil
  • Non-Remunerative:
  1. Bacteriological Analysis of drinking water samples of staff and students
  2. Testing the antimicrobial sensitivity of the compounds
  3. Production of biofertilizer
  4. Determination of Blood group and hemoglobin of girls students


Faculty as members in a ) National committees,  b) International Committees,  c) Editorial Boards

Name of the faculty    National /International/ Other Committee / Editorial Board
Mr.S.R.Pharande   Member of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ministry of Environment

Ex. BOS member of Microbiology, SPPU

Dr. A.S.Kale


  Ex BOS Member, Microbiology, SPPU, Pune
   Life Member of Association of Microbiologist

of India

   Life Member of Microbiology Society, India
   Life member of Asian PGPR Society.