/Curricular Aspects AQAR 2022-23

Curricular Aspects AQAR 2022-23

1.1 Effective curriculum delivery through well planned & documented process

  1. IQAC and Departmental meeting’s minutes
  2. Academic Calendar
  3. Teaching Plan
  4. Syllabus Framing
  5. Digital Diary
1.1.2 The institution adheres to the academic calendar for the conduct of CIE

  1. Academic Calendar
  2. Continuous Internal Evaluation Documents
  1. Teachers  participations in BoS
  2. Paper setting, Assessment & Evaluation 
  3. Design of Curriculum of Add-On Courses
1.2.1 CBCS / Elective courses
1.2.2  Add-on / Certificate Courses

1. Summary Add on courses

2. Dr. Mr. Jayakar Employability Skill Enhancement Programme

3. Certificate Course of Tally Prime with GST

4. Certificate course in Data Management (Advance Excel)

5. Certificate course in Banking & Finance

1.2.3 Average percentage of students enrolled in Certificate/ Add-on programs as against the total number of students during the last five years:  [Please Refer 1.2.2 above]
1.3.1 Cross-cutting Issues relevant to Professional Ethics, Gender, Human Values, Environment and Sustainability into the Curriculum

  1. Cross-cutting Issues
1.3.2 Experiential learning – Projects UG & PG, Field Visits
1.3.3 List of Students undertaking project work/field work/ internships
1.4.1 & 1.4.2 Feedback Process